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Doctors ask for 24 hours advance cancellation. If you do not cancel, you will be billed for $60. This will be paid at the following appointment. If more than two appointments are missed and no payments are made then you will only be able to access same day bookings.


Payments will be made through email transfers or square online with major credit and debit cards. Everyone will be issued a receipt. 

Email and Phone 

You can email or phone Dr Scott and Dr Fragoeiro at any time. Emails should not contain confidential information as email is not encoded by a secure server. However, once you become a patient you will have access to your own secure messaging system. This system may send information like results to you. Please give the doctors two business days to reply to emails and phonecalls. Generally email or text is quicker than phone. 

Same Day Appointments

Each day there will be a limited number of same day appointment slots available. If there are no appointments available and there is an urgent matter than please contact your doctor and they will try to accommodate your request. Prescription renewals and chronic disease management are not considered for same day appointments. 

After Hours Care

Please see the section on our website. For emergencies, visit your closest hospital. If you cannot reach your doctor and are wondering if you need to be seen then please call health link at 811.  

Appointment Length

There will be different appointment lengths available. If there is only one issue that you would like dealt with then please book for a 15 minute appointment. If there are two to three issues then please book a 30 minute appointment. If the appointment is for a mental health concern then please book for thirty minutes. Please fill in information on your concerns when booking the appointment. 


Please book a thirty minute appointment to fill out forms. These would include forms for insurance.  

Scheduled Absences

If your doctor has a scheduled absence, they will notify everyone at least a month before so that you can get your concerns dealt with before the absence. If gone for longer than two weeks your doctor will try to get a locum. Dr Fragoeiro and Dr Scott will try to cover each others practices the best they can. It is best to contact your own doctor to set up an appointment with the other doctor. 

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